When starting a business or expanding an existing one, you may have asked yourself how to assess whether the business opportunity will be profitable or not, and how to make it more profitable at a faster pace.

You may have to make decisions about the business plan such as pricing, budgeting, as well as identifying the investments to be made.

At last, will it be a good decision to commit your money (or your investors’ money) into a business venture?

This book is written to help you like a quick and useful guide to analysing the profitability of any business venture.

It establishes a methodology centred on the break-even analysis to examine a business activity but also covers other aspects such as pricing, budgeting and investment appraisal.

A brief overview of its contents:
• Understanding costs, revenues and margins
• Testing the business feasibility
• How to build a budget
• Investment decisions – to invest or not to invest?

As the book is written in a way that discusses the fundamentals straightaway, it may not be suitable for someone expecting to gain an in-depth knowledge of aspects related to business finance and accounting. Therefore, this is not an academic book in a strict sense.

Despite using insights from both the authors’ business experience and proven academic research, it is written without adopting the formality and rigidity of academic writing.

Its reduced size should fit the needs of speed and effectiveness that most business leaders nowadays require.

We hope that the small investment of this purchase will turn into lots of profits for your business venture.