For instructors and learners

*To be launched September 2021 for Android*

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience deploying experiential learning courses in different types of organizations and particularly those in the education sector, we identified a need to better the way and extent to which the feedback process flows between the instructors and learners.

The APP can be seamlessly integrated with conventional assessment methods to complement them, therefore stimulating a better flow and communication between instructors and learners, whilst improving the engagement and satisfaction of the latter.

How the GENICS App will benefit learners

Claim credits for what they have learned

And provide evidence about meeting the learning outcomes

Collaborate with the instructor

The feedback about the assessment does not have to be boring and dull, and will be transformed into a collaborative and interactive experience

All the info in one place

The GENICS App can be integrated with most LMS to allow seamless integration of the information with the existing systems in the organization

Peer-to-peer assessment

The GENICS App allows others than the instructor to participate in the assessment such as peers, thus, enriching the feedback available for learners

A back-office allows instructors to configure the App to their needs.

Key beneficiaries are:

Higher education

Further education

Secondary education

Corporate education

Professional training

Beta testers, 50% student and 50% instructors in HE

Average App Rating

Across different countries and HE organizations

“I cannot believe how engaged I was with the App to provide feedback to my students. I really see the value in it and believe that the students will love it. It totally changes the mindset in the marking and feedback process… it is like a flipped-assessment where the student is in control.

Claire M., University Lecturer, UK

“In really enjoyed the APP, it gave me a sense of power… not the dull process of writing an exam and waiting for the results and feedback one month after anymore. Using the App, the turnaround is fast and effective and a great help to prepare us (students)  for the real assessments.

Donna S., Business and Management Student, UK