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Soft skills which will become more important over the next 5 years for graduates entering the market and professionals in career-changing circumstances.

Data based on organizations agreeing to the ISE Recruitment Survey 2020.




Emotional Intelligence


Digital Skills & Literacy


Data Handling & Analysis


Business Acumen


Self awareness

I want to UPSKILL my career

Welcome to project-based learning! How it works:

Step 1 – Browse our available projects organized by the skillset which each project aims at developing. Apply to one by sending your CV and taking an online video interview.

Step 2 – Once selected, you must pay the registration fee. We will assign you with a mentor who will support you for the whole duration of the project.

Step 3 – Take part in the pre-project course and activities. Start with the project. Communicate with your mentor and client regularly. Complete the project’s milestones – projects usually take between 3-4 months.

Step 4 – Receive feedback from your mentor, client organization and other participants. Participate in our post-project Psychological Empowerment Check-up and receive further guidance towards your career objectives. Get your certificate of participation, and add the experience to your portfolio. 

I want to share a project

If your organization:

  • is recruiting talent to work with you and your organization
  • needs support to solve a particular business  or organizational problem
  • wants to engage on and learn new collaborative ways of working

This option is for you. 

How it works:

Step 1 – Post a project brief and specify the required deliverables and timeline (typically a project takes between 3-4 months). We will help you with that. You will not incur on any costs to take part in this process.

Step 2 – Get requests from participants. We help you to find the right match.

Step 3 – The participants will work on your project brief with the support of a business mentor assigned by us. 

Step 4 – Receive the deliverables and provide feedback to the participants. You can also give a reward if you wish so. You can implement the recommended solution(s) at your discretion and pace.

Who we are

We are a team of senior international executives, seasoned business consultants and researchers with a proven track record leading and nurturing human capital across different organizations and in multicultural contexts.

We mentor and coach participants by supporting them in their projects and facilitate expanding their networks. 

We also contribute to the success of the organizations involved in each project as the advocated solutions will be backed up and supported by our expertise.


International Executive Experience


Business Coaching Experience


Track Record Starting and Growing international Teams

Typical project categories

  • Market research, business development and entry strategies 70% 70%
  • Supply chain and operations 65% 65%
  • Business modelling, planning, and forecasting 60% 60%
  • Digital marketing and advertising 60% 60%
  • Creative thinking 50% 50%

Project Briefs Available


Uk and Europe Based Organizations

Organization Pre-joined the platform


Startups and Technology-Based Projects



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