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By using a specific combination of words in the description of your business plan, you will be better able to position your product or service in the mind of potential backers.

We have conducted extensive research by looking at the largest crowdfunding platforms in the USA and analysed the data sets of more than 1/2 million campaigns. Our research is based on the semantic analysis of the campaigns, by looking at specific word sets, and identified a statistical correlation between the campaigns that use effectual wording rather than causal wording in achieving their goals.


The theory is applied to the practice

Our findings suggest that there are specific words that are used when entrepreneurs write about their business plans, which may infer a specific inclination towards an effectual or causal orientation.

To put it simply, with effectual reasoning, your starting point is that the future is unpredictable – so, rather than defining a specific plan to reach a specific goal, you focus on what means are available to you right now. On the other hand, causal reasoning means that entrepreneurs define specific plans to achieve specific goals which they identify by conducting extensive market and competitor analysis. These concepts which are largely embedded in academic debates are used towards understanding how entrepreneurs make decisions with regards to their businesses.

 Looking beyond entrepreneurs’ intentions, the use of specific words may impact the way the business projects are interpreted and perceived by potential investors therefore influencing and determining their decisions on whether to invest or not in a given project.


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