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Removing digital barriers to the lead generation and changing businesses through the power of stories and the magic behind online ads. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is considered one of the best tools for business growth, and one of the best ways to improve the relationship between you and your clients. If you want to increase your sales, have more clients or maintain the connection with “old” contacts than we have the right tools for you!

Digital Marketing Tools:


  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Paid Search (Google/Facebook Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Landing Pages

Published Books

Startup Finance

What you will find in this book

  • Assess whether the business is profitable or not

  • Should I or should I not invest in a given business project?

  • Manage costs to become profitable faster and more profitable

  • How to prepare budgets for busines

Starting a Business:

A Guide for Scientists

  • Pathway to starting a science-based business
  • Identify the problems to be solved 
  • Define the value proposition  
  • Limitations of intellectual property rights
  • Conducting primary market research
  • Conduct secondary market research 
  • Create a customer Persona  
  • Estimate your Total Addressable Market 
  • Define a minimum viable product  
  • Design a feasible business model
  • Define a price for your product 
  • Calculate the Break Even point  

Music Licensing for Films and Video Games

What a Producer Should Know

  • Step by step guide to help to license music to be included in films or video games

  • Case studies of music licensed into popular movies and video games

  • Q&A to help with most frequent questions



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